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The Traditions Live On

We've had limited fishing opportunities with the hunting schedule and like I've said before, timing can be everything. Capt. James hit a slow grind Saturday afternoon with the McKinney boys as the cold front hit and blew the water out from under the boat. James targeted a solid Redfish bite and found immediate action but it didn't hold up under the changing conditions.

Duck/Goose Hunting

We welcomed the Alexander's back over Thanksgiving week. I started hunting these boys when they were sophomores in High School; 17 years we've been gunning now, what great memories. Duck hunting was slow for us on Saturday morning with Capt. Doug and Capt. Jake faring best with limits and near limits of Pins, Redheads, Gadgets and assorted divers and Teal. Stealing the show big time is Capt. Doug's young 6mo. old lab LIzzy. She's a hot little number that's doing real well and way beyond expectations at that age.

Over the big week, we dodged a couple of bullets with fog and slick-offs but managed to pull the wings around hard into the blocks for easy gunning. You can't get them all "everyday" but you can darn sure try, and we darn sure did.

Goose Hunting

We're starting to get some traction on the big birds but have yet to start laying down the hammer on them. We've been thin on numbers with little weather to give us some confidence in gunning them. Capt. Jake said some locations are starting to dial in. I just literally put the phone down from talking to Capt. Jake.  All of the sudden we've got "goose emergencies" with them hitting the fields and laying waste to Rye grass plantings and the likes.  Looks like we're fixin to get busy with the big birds real quick.

New Traditions For Some

The McKinney boys have decided to join the family here at Castaway Lodge. What a bunch of great guys, gunning and fishing this area way back in the day with Capt. Red Childers and Capt. Bob Allen. We enjoyed their company and look forward to many years with them by our side.

Here are some comments I received from Ray Jr. this morning:

"Here are the pictures from our spectacular day with Castaway Lodge. Thank you Kris, Wendi, James and Grace for memories for a lifetime and the beginning of our own traditions. We decided on the way home that we want to make this an annual trip for us too, only longer. So looks like the McKinneys and Alexanders and Kelley's will be seeing each other on a regular basis! I'll be in touch in the next week or so and book next year. We'd also like to come fish this Spring.

Thanks again, we'll be in touch.

Ray Jr."

We hope you have a great week, come see us!


Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge


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