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Spring Tide Pouring In!


Spring Tide is pouring in as we speak. It started on Friday and continued through Sunday. We’ve gained about 6” of water and it looks like it’s here to stay!
The Lodge welcomed the Brett H. party in on Friday to awesome back country Redfishing with Capt. Kris Kelley. The guests managed full limits and some nice releases including oversized to 30”.
I scoured the countryside working sand/grass and mud/grass with artificial lures on my part of the Trans Ocean Forex crew on Saturday while Capt. Kris Kelley worked with the other guests on Redfish on Matagorda Island by airboat. Capt. James Cunningham had DeanCo Roofing aboard and he opted for “up country” Redfish action on the Gaudalupe Delta. 
We made a great first move wading with Brown Lures early and stuck 8 Trout and a nice mid-slot Redfish early. I couldn’t get a solid “take it to the next level” bite anywhere despite running into a “copper sheet” of Redfish in a back lake cove. We worked with them to no avail and more or less had to put up with them hammering mullet in front of our eyes but not looking at anything we were throwing.
Capt. Kris sent me a text that he was “over the top” around 1:30pm and Capt. James and guests wrapped up with 6 Redfish and more break-offs and hook-pulls than he could overcome.
The Lodge welcomed guests with The Boerne Wineseller in for some fishing and wine tasting. Let me say, according to Wendi, if you can find some “Faldo”, you won’t be disappointed. The owner, Herman T. mentioned that Pro Golfer Nick Faldo is owner of the vineyard and that there were 10 cases in San Antonio and they have 6 of them.  Herman and his family also got to taste some fast paced Redfishing with Capt. Kris Kelley by airboat in the back reaches of Matagorda Island. They had 5 fish between 27 and 27.75” along with the rest of their slot limit and some nice Black Drum as well.
With some great weather, a day off, and an overwhelming desire to go fishing, I stumbled straight into a fast paced Trout bite on fish from 16 to 20” on shell in ESB. Streaky off color water drew me to this particular area in search of Redfish which is what I typically catch in this locale. I was pleasantly surprised to find Trout taking everything I threw at them.
Since the weather broke Monday (well I have to include Sunday because it was a back lakes massacre even though the weather was bad) the fishing has just been awesome! We welcome you to join us so . . .
Come home when you can!
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