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Sizzling Reds In A Chilling Rain

Pure Fishing

I had to show Capt. Doug that yes "Santa does fish during duck season". I've gotta keep the boys honest and make sure they know the old man can drop the gun for a day to bend a rod. I'd been running over Reds in the back country for a week and made a mental note given the upcoming trip today. Barring any big change in water levels I figured we'd probably hammer them.

Coming off the water yesterday I thought I'd better reschedule the fishing trip for today. Forecast a few days ago was N @ 30 knots and rain. I was coming off a duck hunt yesterday and it was raining and the wind was cranking 25 out of the SE. Returning to the lodge I noticed that the forecast had backed down to a mere 10-15 knots out of the N. No big deal. I figured the rain would come through during the night and it did.

We hit the water this morning around 8:15am and it was a slick off. The front line was well offshore but this was to be a "double tap". Sure enough we entered the back marsh on slick water with darkening skies to the N. Rain hit us shortly thereafter and the wind kicked up around 20knots and chilly from the N. We'd made our first stop on the slick off and came up with nothing. I told the boys to bear with me, it's fixin to get busy and the second stop we went to working on them. Fish were solid but feeding sluggish to 24". You could forget trying to see fish, it just took a lot of experience knowing the depth contours and where they "should be" given the elevated water levels.

The clients dropped the bomb on me that they needed to be back at the ramp by around noon. "That's a handy piece of information to have right there when you are sitting 3 fish short and it's 11:20am. I said lets make some quick sets on the way out of here, and two quick stops racked up the limit to 27" "speed fishing".

We haven't hit gutted Wintertime low water levels yet but there sure on their way. We've got another front hitting Thursday and sooner or later we will start shedding some water.

Duck Hunting

Pulled a quick pm shoot with Capt. Matt and got him set up for a hammerfest in the morning. I'll be working the back marsh and hope to drag some toenails across the blocks.

Be safe, have a great hump day and come see us.


Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge

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