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Rubberband Man's "Rolla-Coasta"

Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

"Whipsaw Reversals & Back Again"

This week saw a huge whipsaw in conditions on the water. Tuesday's look at fishing was explosive with swarms of Black Drum and Redfish working mud/grass pockets and feeding strong ahead of Wednesday's cool snap. Winds associated with the front ripped the water out of the bays and back lakes and the fish went scurrying for deeper water as temperatures dipped. Conditions were real tough early and they got worse as the water continued to fallout from already very low levels. We had a hard fought near limit trip that ended sight casting to pods of 10 to 15 fish. They were charging the boat as they meandered around a gin clear bowl in one of the back lakes. By Friday, things were coming back around but it took a long time to play out as flats regained some water and a few fish. We managed full limits with a special youngster, his dad, and friends. With southeasterly winds starting to pump on Saturday ahead of the next front, water levels had peaked and Capt. Chris Cady reported solid feeding activity mid-day while fighting intermittent rain showers.

Trout Horizons

There is a dearth of shrimp of on the Texas coast right now. This is something we've been struggling with of late. Amazingly, we saw the first live shrimp at an area bait camp yesterday so we are hoping this is a positive sign that we are getting some bait in the bays. A few more clicks on the water temperarture and I think we'll see them pop.

It is just a roller coaster no doubt right now with some huge swings in conditions. That's always presents fun and challenging days figuring things out.

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Castaway Lodge
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