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Living The Dream: "A Job Interview Everyday"!

Setting The Bar

Wind popped today as we welcomed Joseph D. and the Ben R. parties to The Lodge. Joseph had recently been on a guided trip to a popular destination in La. and had a horrible experience. “The Guide we fished with never moved more than 400 yards the entire day. The rods and equipment looked like something out of a museum, six foot rods with 65 Lb test with white cotton line and 3/8 oz. “hand poured” jig heads which the Guide was very proud of”. The line test was so heavy that even a 3/8 oz. jig head wouldn’t sink to the bottom. The boat was leaking and not only did we not catch fish, we didn’t catch any fish of any kind. Furthermore, it's not like this guy was giving this stuff away, we had to pay him $500"!

The Job Interview

When Joseph called to book the trip on a recommendation of a co-worker, I thought I was being questioned by Homeland Security or something. I could tell that he was very concerned about the level of service and “quality” of the operation. I just told him look “I don’t care if the weather looks like the second coming of the Apocalypse, we’re going to put you on fish”.

The Pre-Employment Screening, "Cream Rises To The Top"

We welcomed him and his wife to The Lodge and Wendi laid out a Sour Cream & Olive Oil Appetizer that we learned from a Palestinian client of ours, absolutely awesome! We visited for awhile and then fired up the grill for our 1 ¼” Center Cut pork chops, stuffed bakers, and a Caesar Salad. Everyone hit the sack with great optimism for the next morning.

"Time To Teach The Boss A Few Things"

Everyone awoke to their choice of some hot Kolache’s, Cinnamon rolls, muffins, bagels, coffee, milk, and juice. We headed to the ramp and I could see that the wind was a little sporty and shifting from East to SE. As we headed Southeast to pick up some fishable water, I mentioned that the bay offered little protected fishing in decent water at present due to the strong tides and Full Moon. No excuses, just letting them know we may have to dig our heels in.

The first stop we worked on technique and both Joseph and his wife Casey dialed in quickly. Second move it was on as Casey managed her first Trout, a solid 16-17” fish. Then Joseph fired off with a nice Trout and then another and another. Both Casey and Joseph were taking my instruction and the fish were showing them the results. About 8:00am, the wind really started going to the next level and we were a few Trout short of limits. We managed, however, to stay on them and not only did Casey catch the first Trout, but she caught the last Trout as well.

Post Employment Interview

Joseph was very concerned not only about the quality of the trip but also that his wife had a good time as well as catching some fish. I told Joseph, “it’s not her you’ve got to worry about, it’s you”. Women are naturals at certain styles of fishing and they will absolutely “bring it”. Women are very tractable, generally have few bad fishing habits, and most always listen to their Guide. That results in a high rate of being “bowed-up”. Casey said “I had a much better time than I thought I was going to have and I really got the hang of it, so much fun!”.

More fishing……….

I just got off the phone with Capt. James Cunningham who was struggling a bit early. He said we made a move and stuck a 28” Trout that was pictured and released. He said it looks good, “we’ll see”. Pictures and report to follow:

Come home when you can!

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