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Last Weeks Missing Report: Meet Joe Fisherman, MS, PHD

(MS, PHD = More of the Same, Piled Higher & Deeper)!!

Quick report highlighting Trout catches with Capt. Doug working shell in SAB taking solid Trout to 21" late week working PCS with our guests. No shortage of Redfish & Drum still ranging the back country and the fishing as well as the catching has just been funtastic!

Behind the scenes of late I've been a little "electronic peripherally" challenged you might say. It seems when the schedule is tight Mr. Murphy likes to come for a visit. I was nursing a camera on its last legs for months and finally ran over it with the airboat trailer just to find that she was still working, THEN it finally gave up the ghost after I got another half dozen pics out of her! Then my Blackberry decided to take a vacation and just when you think that 5 year old battery in the truck just won't ever die, well, it died as I went to put the boat on the trailer coming off a trip!Special thanks to the "Pit Crew" and manager Mr. Griffith at AutoZone in Port Lavaca. I radioed that I was coming in hot and they had the new battery strapped in my truck and I was torching the tires to get back to the lodge in preperation of guests arriving later that day "in no time".

I've been often qouted as saying "being a successful fishing guide has less to do with prowess on the water or knowing where the fish are as much as it has to do with being able to overcome all the obstacles that try to keep you from catching them"! That's where a little streak of "Seadrift McGuyver-ism along with a healthy dose of black & yellow and Alabama Chrome always comes in handy.

Lots of fun though with folks of all ages of late. The big week for the kiddos draws to a close and we wish them the best on the last leg before the big break. We hope you had a great time outdoors with the family over the break and hope to see you when you get a chance!

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