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Green Goes The Waters Of Home


Diurnal winds are breaking and we’re in a gear shift from a Redfish emphasis to full throttle Trout fishing. Forecasts for the winds to break as early as Saturday were met by disappointment as the flags whipped briskly over the launch. Monday, things dialed back a notch and you could tell there was a change in the pattern. Bay waters started blushing the favorite color of an Irishman and mid-bay structure opened up a bit. The fish responded favorably with solid action on Trout to 21”. 
The Seasonality Question
The weather has definitely been a little different this year which leads a fishing guide to ask “what month are we in really”? That’s a question of seasonality. You can obviously look at a calendar and know what month it is. The question becomes “what month are the fish in”? Questions of seasonality aren’t uncommon in this business. Fishing logs and patterns can hold steady but their coincidence with the calendar may be off. Water temperatures can play a large part in this occurrence.
I noticed in May that water temperatures were much cooler this year compared to last year. I pulled CBI data and sure enough, we were about four degrees cooler with a six degree fluctuation overnight. We had yet to see temperatures above 85 degrees while the same time during last year, we had already seen 88 degree water with little fluctuation overnight. 
We had a lot of fish hung up on sand all the way into the middle of June which is very unusual. When the diurnal winds started cranking on June 11th, I thought “man this feels more like May than June”. It’s my feeling that July is actually going to be more indicative of a classic June than what we just came through. Trout over the last two weeks have steeped themselves on area shell. Unfortunately, Mother Nature threw a blanket over it during the past weeks and it has been virtually unfishable. With the winds laying here as we approach July, it should result in some awfully strong fishing over shell in Espiritu Santo and San Antonio Bays.  
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