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Going Into The Duck Split


Going into the duck split, we finished the first season strong with half to full duck limits; goose hunts of 30 plus birds per day and catches ranging from full Redfish limits to non-stop catch and release Trout action. 
We welcomed the Alexander boys in for their 13 season with us from Arizona to immediate duck limits on 11/27 with Capt. James Cunningham and I doing the honors. We have loved this crew as family and I have watched them go from eager 16 year olds to men with families over the years. This was a special Thanksgiving as we welcomed another group to the Thanksgiving family, Mike Longmire and his company also from AZ. We had 12 guests in addition to Capt. Steve Boldt and his wife Krista; and very special friends/clients Dee and Kyle W. from Victoria and my mother also from Victoria.
Wendi put on her unbelievable feast and it was very special sharing Thanksgiving with everyone. This year we deep fried two turkeys and had another smoked Turkey and ham; sweet potato casserole; green bean casserole; giblet gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce; Wendi’s knee bending Coconut Cream pies; Pecan pies; Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting; Peach pie; Pumpkin Cheesecake; Apple pie; homemade brownies and cookies. Appetizers included bacon wrapped Duck Diablos that Wendi just couldn’t make enough of, everyone just loved them!
Myself, along with Capt. James Cunningham, Capt. Steve Boldt, Capt. Mark Robinson, and Capt. Jake Huddleston, and Capt. Doug Williams welcomed everyone afield for a morning hunting followed by an afternoon of fishing on 11/28. The duck and goose hunting started off hot ranging from full to half limits on ducks while Capt. Jake was busy with the geese taking 25 geese and 7 ducks for the Alexander boys. We broke for lunch and everyone hit the water to some great fishing for Trout and Redfish. Nick with the Longmire group was fishing with our newest full-time guide, Capt. Doug Williams. I asked Nick about the fishing and his eyes just lit up. He said “we caught and released 61 Redfish and drum; went looking for Alligators, and saw a Nutra-Rat”! Capt. Doug is “awesome we all want to fish with him again”! 
November 29th yielded similar exciting action with Pintail, Gadwal, Blue and Green Wing Teal, Blue Bills, working us over. Capt. Mark Robinson called me and said “we’re almost over the top as Capt. James Cunningham and I continued working birds to the blocks early Saturday. Capt. Jake called me and said “lots of high birds today, we’re struggling with 8 Geese and 6 ducks” in hand around 10:30. With the drought we’re in, sure enough the next time I talked to Jake around noon, it was a different picture. “They’re coming to water and we are putting the hammer down”. The Alexanders ended their shoot with another 20 Geese and 8 ducks. We also welcomed the Josh and Dan L. party from Austin for fishing. Capt. Terry Spoonmore and Capt. Ricky Carter had the honors with full to near limits of Redfish. 
Capt. James Cunningham took the Alexanders out in the afternoon to try and kill their remaining duck limit and called me shortly after hitting the marsh. “It’s on big time” was the report. The fishing portion of the afternoon yielded more action with Blue Catfish taking center stage along with a lot of catch and release action on both Trout and Redfish with Capt. Mark Robinson taking center stage with the most keepers; while Capt. Doug Williams and Capt. Steve Boldt worked up some excitement of their own.
November 30th was welcomed with great enthusiasm as the cold front finally made it in. Capt. Steve Boldt started off the antics of the morning with a radio call saying “hey, I’m on the beach near some structure (about two miles from his blind) and I’m kind of lost”! Holy mother of God, I’m thinking it’s ten minutes from shooting light. “Nah, just kidding, we’re all set up and ready to rock”! Capt. James called me at 8:00am and said we’re 3 birds short! My crew was working on them as well. Flights of Pintail, Gadwall, GW Teal, Blue Bills, and Northern Shoveler dominated the skies. 
It was a great first split and I’ve got thank everyone that has made Castaway Lodge the premiere destination on the Texas Gulf Coast. From our oldest and dearest guests to our newest, thank you, we couldn’t do it without you! To the best watermen in the business, special thanks to Capt. Marvin Strakos, Capt. James Cunningham, Capt. Steven Boldt, Capt. Mark Robinson, Capt. Scott Hataway, Capt. Doug Williams, Capt. Terry Spoonmore, Capt. Ricky Carter, soon to be Capt. Chris Cady; Inland Division: Capt. Jake Huddleston and Capt. Clay Wiatrek. On the operations side, special thanks to Lodge Operations Mr. Mark Garcia; and Lodge Manager Wendi Kelley.
We’re pumped up about the second split opener on December 13th, 2008. It will be here before you know it! Thinking about booking the entire lodge? Contact us with a party of 12 for date exclusivity! Like Mike Longmire said “Wendi, the lodge feels just like home, no, it feels better than home”! So . . .
Come Home When You Can!
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