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Dodging "Frozen" Bullets

"February Roars In"

Texas RedfishFebruary 
seems to bring some of the toughest Winter weather here on the Texas Coast.  We seem to have dodged a bullet with the freeze over the last week.  Big Trout in the shallower back lakes took the worst hit again this year.  Redfish seem to have fared far better in the back country shallows.  Low water levels contributed to a lack of fish concentrations in these areas and that was a good thing. 


Hard Head Catfish took a beating and washed up on area shorelines in some places as far as the eye could see.  Why they were in the bays at this time is somewhat of a puzzle.  The good news, we didn't see a lot of Trout suffering the stunning blows of cold water in the deeper bays.  We're seeing the Winter of 2009 play out again this year and Trout fishing was much improved over 2010.  Hopefully we will see some good freshwater inflows this Spring and further enhance the Trout fishing as we move forward into Summer. 
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