Flyfishing With Seadrift Guides
Posted By Kris/ In Castaway Lodge Fishing / Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Flyfishing With Seadrift Guides

Seadrift Flyfishing guides are masters of presentation, patience, and have a keen eye on their gear and are always willing to help dial in their guests. From poling skiffs to shin deep spot and stalk adventures, we look forward to a great trip as we immerse ourselves in nature and forge memories of a lifetime. From big Trout and Redfish to migratory species on big water, we look forward to great opportunities on the water.

Fly Fishing Scene

With big winds and overcast conditions, it's been a great time for casting practice and tweaking gear for the times when conditions improve. We've been dialing in our Ankona Skiff with Jack Foreman on the setup and she keeps getting better and better. Powered by Mercury Marine, we've taken this Florida hull and modified it for Texas waters and an extremely shallow operating environment. The 18 Shadow Cast is nimble and gives us all the advantages of a light weight micro skiff with excellent poling ability and getting in and out of tight spots.

Migratory Species

We're seeing plenty of big Jack Crevalle prowling area bays and shorelines. We know others aren't far behind including Triple Tail, Tarpon, Kingd and others.

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge

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