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Trout On Topwaters, Redfish On Low Water

From wadefishing with artificial lures along back lakes stretches of Matagorda Island to airboat redfishing in the back lakes, October has just been an incredible month. Capt. James fishing with Harland N. and guest wade fished with artificial lures to near limits on Trout catching and releasing an estimated 60 Trout along with half limits of Redfish. Topwaters over grass accounted for much of the early action with soft plastics worked over sand guts taking things to another level "mid-day". Capt. Doug reported solid schools of Redfish located in the back lakes as well. Their location in big pockets of clear water made approaching them pretty tough.

Calm winds, a big tide fall out, and a lot of clear/slick water in the back marsh leveled the playing field with the fish holding a lot of the cards the last few days. Limits to near limits including releases on some slightly oversized fish have been the result of patience, timing, and good old fashioned luck.

Winds are South and building ahead of a weak cold front on Wednesday. Tuesday is probably going to be a near slick-off if predictions are correct with the front approaching, but we can hope for some wind; a little bit of rising water levels; and a strong bite.

Lodge News

We welcomed our third International guests to the lodge last night as Ciaran C. stepped off a plane from Dublin, Ireland to fish with his brother Kevin and wife today. Welcoming guests with close ties to Ireland was fascinating insofar as we share the same heritage. I was fascinated to hear about the country of my origin. Among things I learned, the weather in Ireland is rainy, cold, and depressing much of the time; children pretty much live an "indoor" lifestyle due to the weather; fishing in streams or rivers for Trout is popular but primarily controlled by the elite along with numerous fishing clubs that control access. For the common citizen, fishing is pretty limited to lakes for Lake Trout or the Ocean. Both options seem to be suffering from over fishing and success is primarily poor. The average citizen cannot own a firearm unless there is a documented need and who knows what that means. Farmers can be licensed to own a shotgun, that's about it. Best travel month for tourists seems to be June when the sun actually appears and things warm up. Round trip airfare can be as little as $500 to $800. The country sounds beautiful and the people are reportedly friendly, welcoming, and proud of their homeland.

I had an immediate appreciation for being an American of Irish descent. Its been said often that we "don't appreciate what we have as Americans and we take things for granted". I would certainly fall into that category. When you learn about the day to day lives of people living in foreign countries and the limitations on their personal freedom relative to our own, it is somewhat astonishing how fortunate we are. So when we get a chance, I think we should walk outside and pause for a second breathing in the clean air of freedom. Then we should clinch it with both hands and don't ever let anyone take it, or anymore of it, from us.

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge, Inc.


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