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Take It To The Limit

Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

The First Cool Snap!

Between me and the dog Grace and my wife Wendi, I don't know whose more happy to see the first good cool snap and North winds of the Fall! I was greeted by a frantic tail wagging this morning with Grace chomping for morning bumpers and I must admit I was a little giddy myself. Waterfowl Season is around the corner!

Add the fact that we've been buried in elevated tides for a good three weeks and we are itching to shed some water and get the bait migration moving. Upper estuaries are full of shrimp and shad and the flushing of that concentration is sure to start a fire over SAB shell reefs. It make a take a little while to get some traction on the move but it is definately nearing.

Fishing over the last week had it's highs and lows with quick limits of solid mid-slot Redfish to the brutal grind down of a lock jaw just to have it go full bore and wide open the next day. That's the ups and downs of any transition. We'll quickly visit falling water upper bay patterns and flooding tide barrier island patterns as we have historically. It's back to the Fall and Winter playbook and it's a welcome read.

It looks the weather is going to bounce back and stabilize quickly early this week. We'll be welcoming in guests displace by the storm in the Gulf and looking for some rod bending enjoyment on the water.

If we get any sizeable water drop, I look for Redfish action to get rediculous as if it hasn't been already. The potential for a trout move and mixture is an interesting possibility over mud/grass but the first thing we'll look for is schooling over shell. You won't have to look much further than diving gulls and the relentless pounding of Pelicans over structure pointing the way. Come bend a rod with us when you get a chance!

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Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge
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