Posted By Kris/ In Castaway Lodge Fishing / Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Set The Hook Till The "Hank" Comes Out!

The bays are gutted in near 30 MPH winds and today we even picked up some gusts that made me glad to already be off the water. We are looking at a continued Redfish focus until things open up a bit. Trout are in the crosshairs but with only a small handful of fish over mud/grass, we are pretty limited at present.

As with every Spring transitioning to Summer, you go through this period of questioning "what's the game plan for today going to look like"? Right now we are rigging for Trout and falling back on Redfish when we get shot down by scalding winds. Unfortunately, the bite is pretty early on Redfish so if you are off the edge a little, it's going to be a tough day. In weather like this, there is a "water haul" waiting for more than a "fair share of anglers". As we get through the Spring transition, big winds can be welcome especially in the presence of a lot of Trout pushing onto mud/grass.

Good luck on the water!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge, Inc.

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