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Seadrift - "Dancing Naked In The Rain"


Kicking pretty good out of the West and WNW as a weak front eased through the area. Saturday was some kind of comfortable for the most part with overcast skies much of the morning. Mid-day the clouds rolled out and the sun broke through just as the winds settled out to glass. We dialed in on Redfish early knocking out full Lodge limits of Redfish then switched our focus over to Trout mid-morning just as things slicked-off unfortunately. Capt. Steve Boldt reported a lot of hook pulls on Trout and tons of spitting with fish to the edge of the boat losing as many as they were catching. Capt. James Cunningham released more than double their limit of slot Redfish and came across one nice tagger just over the slot. We were all working a combination of freelined finfish and cut bait over and around shell in SAB.
Frustrated by a lack of rain, non-stop drought, and disappointed after watching anything promising on the horizon fizzle out for weeks on end, I told my guests, as we watched what looked like a possible thunderstorm build over Seadrift, “if it rains in town, I’m going to dance naked in the rain”. Well that finally did it, we got some badly needed rain as not one, but two showers passed dropping about an inch. About the dancing naked part. . . . yea. . . . I’m going to hold off on that.
September to remember is on tap with a busy schedule here at The Lodge. Gator hunters are coming in from all over Texas and parts of the Nation along with Teal and Dove combination guests. We’re looking forward to it!
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