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SAB Trout, Shell Maze Mastery & Mystery

Trout fishing looked like it was going to be "pure gravy" over the long weekend after "smoke poling" them with live Croaker on Friday. The tide fell out big time overnight Friday and trashed the outside beach. That, along with West wind at 15 knots trashing the interior bay waters took a quick toll on our success during the early morning hours. As the mornings faded and we approached mid-day it seemed that the winds began to settle and waters cleaned up a bit. Guessing where we might find an "emerging" bite became a challenge. Any signs of success were quickly thwarted with a disintegrating bite and undersized fish leaving us short of limits. That's not uncommon during transitional periods where "styles conflict with timing and weather".

Part of the Hurricane Forecast being so elevated is partially due to a "backing down of the El Nino" and strong winds deminishing this summer. That should set us up for a more traditional season with light winds early; increasing winds mid-day; and, calming winds overnight. That's a lethal combination for fishermen on this stretch of the coast, we shall see.

Capt. Kris Kelley
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