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From Seadrift to Gloucester, On The Wind

Castaway Lodge Fishing Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

"A Note to Capt. Billy Tyne from Seadrift"

"Up before the alarm to meet some Diet Coke and Wendi's breakfast tacos; guests are moving around; everybody made the wake up call. Ease down to the ramp and sense the wind velocity and direction; say hi to Jack Broom and talk some trash with the boys; not too many boats out today; cranking 20 knots Southwest pre-dawn; we're going Southeast again. Capts. James, Jake, and Doug are already in the water. Slip the Haynie "Mal Gato" in the water; catch a breath of exhaust on the air; my ears perk up with the sound of Mercury muscle on the wind; tie her up; check the bait; waiting on clients to come down from the lodge. Blast off at the crab house; the new Rev 4 is strong; we're doing thirty knots
around the harbor jetty; little slip to Starboard, hit the jack plate and double tap the trim; smokin now. Coming up on breaklight; we're going shallow; hit the Pro Trim full up on the Bob's Jack Plate and peg the water pressure; the Pro XS is roaring. Drop her to a crawl on plane and ease into the kill zone; drift a little, bait is working already. Hit the Power Pole and burn our offerings down wind. Talk a little about technique; gal up front is already bowed-up; drag is screaming, it's ON. Solid Redfish on the move; I'm a fishing guide; and, I love it out here".

Fishing has been going really well here lately coming off the Full Moon. Redfish continue to impress us working mud/grass shallows. Trout are coming off SAB shell mostly above the ICW in varying water conditions. The tide has been coming in steady from break light deep into mid-day. The wind has been doing a lot of damage to the water over night and pre-dawn then backing down shortly after break light. Fortunately, the inbound tide has been cleaning up the mess the wind makes overnight offering fishable conditions in many locations. That has put the Trout bite later into the morning for many and in some cases best around lunch time. Much of what I'm writing would parallel the 2009 drought conditions experienced here in SAB.

We hope you have a great week and that your fishing is "catching". Come see us!

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge

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