Texas Fishing Resorts & Lodges, Fishing Fever!
Posted By Kris/ In Castaway Lodge Fishing / Monday, March 11, 2019

Texas Fishing Resorts & Lodges, Fishing Fever!

If you're thinking about Texas Fishing Resorts and Lodges for a guided fishing trip, you might be "catching the bug"! A Texas Fly Fishing adventure for Redfish or maybe wade fishing artifcial lures or just a relaxing day boat fishing with friends and family. You're not alone!

We've been blessed to have a bunch of great folks in for some rest and relaxation as we break out of the doldrums of Winter. There's nothing like "the bug' when it comes to fishing. In a business environment these days where work follows us home; is ever present on our cell phones; and the demands of performance are relentless; everyone needs a break and fishing is "the great American pastime"! Check out our Facebook page!

Right now, winds and weather have been volatile which is putting us right where we want to be, working mud/grass in the back lakes and shallow bays by bayboat and airboat alike. Our guides are great fishermen but they're also some of the best entertainers. The skills of them as watermen as the negotiate difficult terrain and back marsh mazes on varying water levels is always impressive. Check out our Photo Gallery

Authentic Mid-Coast - We Earned It.

As a lodge, we've always prided ourselves on "authenticity". The header on our Facebook page says "Authentic Mid-Coast, Making Memories Since 1993". What in the world does that mean? Well, to us, it means a lot. Castaway Lodge and the success and growth of the operation is the direct result of our success on the water and the efforts of all the great guides and staff that have fought it out over the years and made it a top destination for amazing guests. We've been through drought; red-tides; two Hurricanes; the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression; and 8 years of Obama and we're still here doing what we love; putting up record growth; and doing our best to touch the lives of guests and our young folks here locally as well. Of course I'm bragging about local folks that are the colorful expert watermen and entertainers here like Capt. James Cunningham; Capt. Chris Cady; Capt. Braden Proctor; Capt. Kolten Braun; Capt. Trey Ross; Capt. Justice Cunningham and others. Each has a unique story and all of them are the backbone of a truly great trip.

We've got lots and lots of great fishing ahead of us. So if you're planning a trip, get started HERE.

Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge

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