Slappin Snaps, Surf & Bay Strike Timing
Posted By Kris/ In Castaway Lodge Fishing / Sunday, July 16, 2017

Slappin Snaps, Surf & Bay Strike Timing

Castaway Lodge Seadrift Report
By Capt. Kris Kelley

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A continuation of slick bays and glass conditions lasted through the big POCO Bueno weekend which is pretty uncharacteristic of the Texas mid-coast.  POCO historically has brutal winds and was even cancelled recently due to bad weather.  Not this year, however, and the Big Marlin hit the scales making the tournament a huge success.  

Bay Side of Life

For us in the bays, it's been a non-stop barrage of solid Trout action. Clint and Colt K. broke the ice on the Redfish bite with Capt. James Cunningham wade fishing late week. Redfish have been really tough to approach due to the slick conditions but Capt. Chris also unwound them airboat Redfishing.  Flounder Gigging success turned the corner as we knew it would with Capt. Chris Cady hitting them hard with Stephen B. and daughters putting a whooping on them after limits of Trout with Capt. James Cunningham.  Moving to a 9 boat field through the weekend we had guests of Clint B. and Victaulic making short work of the Trout limits with Capt. James Cunningham and Capt. Braden Proctor sniffing them out early.  Saturday's bite was real early and then it shut down so if you missed them it was a struggle after that.

Capt. Donnie Heath welcomed Stan W. and guests for a wade fishing trip with tops and soft plastics and got into the Redfish first thing with a few scattered Trout along area shorelines.  Coming off that action and moving to the reefs found less than favorable Trout action but everyone had a great time with the Reds.

Capt. Pat Lester chose a run to the surf with longtime guests Josh F. and that was a great call with full limits of Trout coming to hand for the effort.  Pat was itching to take a look at big water Snapper after the trip was over and offered the guys a "fun fishing expedition" and the crew was happy to give it a try.  That was a first for the lodge, full Trout limits and full Red Snapper limits. 

We welcomed guests of Bill G. and Dependable Docks. Capt. Terry Spoonemore hit solid Trout limits with a few Redfish in SAB. Just lots of fish out there and everyone just having a blast.  

Airboat Redfishing Trips

Capt. Chris Cady made the run to the island with guests of TRS and put David H. and son squarely on solid Reds from one end of the marsh to the other.  There's no bigger challenge than slick water Redfish but on that day the fish were eager to please.   

Flounder Gigging Report

Synopsis - looking a lot better than the past couple of weeks.  Capt. Chris Cady and Pat Lester reported solid numbers of fish returning to the shorelines.  

On The Horizon

We'll be looking for the winds to return shortly and carry us through August with a pretty good breeze on the bays.  That will bring us another look at big Trout coming off a spawn over mud/grass mixed with solid Redfish.  Come see us!

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Capt. Kris Kelley
Castaway Lodge
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