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We built our Texas Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting business on a high level of client success. Our Texas duck hunting guides are here to make your stay a "trip of a lifetime". We are focused on the absolute best hunting opportunities. Our Texas duck and goose hunting logistics and strategies are always geared for your best success afield.

We are located in the wintering grounds for 90% of the world's population of Redhead ducks according to USFWS. Bull Sprig Pintail, Wigeon, Northern Shoveler, Mottled Duck, Bufflehead, and Greater and Lesser Scaup are popular among collectors as well. These are among some 14 different species found here in full plummage on the Texas Gulf Coast. We invite you to learn more about our hunting by checking out our Facebook Page.

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14 Species

14 Species

Layout Boat Hunting

Layout Boat Hunting

Airboat Logistics

Airboat Logistics

Cast & Blast

Cast & Blast

Texas Goose Hunting

A Little Different Than The Pressure Prairies

If Texas Geese are what you are after, we’ve got access to thousands of acres on the coastal prairies wintering Snow, Blue, Ross, Specklebelly, and Canadian geese. Our guides are full-time local goose hunting professionals that take pride in every hunt. Unlike goose hunting in other areas of Texas, our hunts are a little different. For one, seldom are our shooters laying on the ground. We also use smaller numbers of high quality decoys and don't favor windsocks or large rag spreads. Our birds don't like them, and neither do we. Come try something different, gunning coastal Texas geese.

Ask About Sandhill Crane Hunts

We specialize in Sandhill Crane hunts and have excellent locations for working the B-52's of the waterfowl world tight over decoys. This is a ton of fun and can be a great alternate or addition to goose hunting. Our season dates are typically from mid-December through the end of Duck Season. The Bag Limit is 2 per person with a three day possession limit of 6 birds.

Texas Goose Hunting

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Layout Boat Hunting

"Like Nothing I've Ever Experienced"!

We began layout boat duck hunting in Texas in 2009. Since that time we have learned a great deal about perfecting this approach on the bays of the Texas Gulf Coast. In 2011 we had the pleasure of gunning Worth Mathewson the longtime editor of Wildfowl Magazine on layout hunts here in Texas. For the discriminating waterfowl hunter, there is no other method as gratifying. Hunting layout boats reinvigorated my love for the sport and added new dimensions I thought impossible to experience.

Yankees gun these boats primarily on lakes and big water for Divers. Our curiosity was concerning their application on Puddle ducks as well as Divers here in Texas. We answered the question concerning Puddler lethality on our first attempt at a layout boat hunt. We gunned the boat "dressed" using some camo net and freshly cut Oleander branches. Capt. James Cunningham gunned from the boat first and was approaching his limit before we got the airboat parked. On this day, we took three man limits of Pintail, Gadwall, and Teal. The whole experience left me awestruck and with a fresh new look at the sport of wingshooting. Laying on top of the water at eye-level with my decoys, ARE YOU KIDDING! Check out all the new photos from the layout hunts on our photo gallery and be sure to check out our layout boat hunting video.


The easiest approach to out-of-state licensing and licensing in general is to make these arrangements ahead of time. Please call 1-800-TX-LIC-4U or online at TPWD ONLINE.

Hunting License Requirements - Non-Residents

  • #157 Non-Resident Five Day Special Hunting $48
  • #138 Federal Duck Stamp $17
  • #137 HIP Certification
  • #168 Migratory Game Bird Stamp $7
  • #590 Federal Sandhill Crane Permit (If Crane Hunting)
  • Born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, Hunter Education Completion

Hunter's Checklist

The following is a thorough list of what each hunter should bring to ensure enjoyment of the outdoors. Texas weather is tough to predict. Please prepare for temperatures warmer and colder than you think possible. Bold items are essential.

  • Shotguns - At least two (20/12 gauge recommended)*
  • Steel Shot Shells
  • Ducks Loads (2 3/4" - 3" #2's, 4's, or 6's) **
  • Goose Loads (BB, BBB, T)
  • Chest Waders/Hip Boots
  • Mosquito spray
  • Camo Face net/mask
  • Rain Gear/Parka/Jacket
  • Gun cleaning kit
  • Camo clothing (Max 4HD or Similar)
  • Camera
  • Ice chests
  • Texas hunting license/voucher (Call 1-800-TX-LIC-4U)
  • Federal Waterfowl Stamp

* We recommend 2 shotguns for out-of-State shooters coming in for multiple days.

** We encourage our hunters not to bring 3.5” loads for our ducks. So please, leave the 3.5’s at home. You will not be happy with them here.

Air Boat Transportation

Many of our duck hunting locations are accessed by airboat depending upon water levels and difficulty of access in the back marsh. We recommend that your gear be securely stowed in waterproof bags. There can be no loose items in this boat.

Ammo & Gear Shipments

When buying mail order ammunition for the trip, have it sent directly to us at 109 W. Austin, Seadrift, Texas 77983. This has been a great convenience to our customers. For clients wishing to send gear ahead of the trip, please do so at the address listed above. We will return ship your gear at the end of your stay.

Bird Processing

Bird processing fees are not included in the price of hunt packages as it is a variable that we cannot predict. These fees run approximately $2.50 for ducks and $3.00 for geese. Should you elect to not take birds home, cleaning and processing fees must still be paid. We will assist you with making donations of the meat to area charities. If you would like to clean your own birds at no charge, feel free to do so. We will assist you with storage until your departure.

2018 Waterfowl Season Dates

Our duck season starts with the First Split on November 3rd and runs through November 25th. The Second Split starts December 8th and runs through January 27th.  Cast & Blast trips including Fly Fishing, Goose/Duck combinations, Sandhill Crane and much more. Come see us!

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