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Our Airboat Redfish Guides would love to introduce you to the exciting world of airboat Redfish fishing. Hop in the airboat and let's get into the backcountry with the best Airboat Redfish Guides on the coast! If you like a big fight, put this fish in six inches of water and HANG ON! Texas Redfish are known for big things, Airboat Redfish Guides love the pull of a fish that just doesn’t want to give up. Some gulf coast states farther east refer to these fish as spot-tail Bass. Texas Redfish are famous for the pale orange color during periods of deep salt water concentration to their burnt orange appearance on the shallow water flats. Saltwater fly fishing enthusiasts are discovering the exciting world of approaching these fish in their favorite skinny water haunts. Fly fishing is a growing segment of anglers pursuing Redfish. Our slot limit on Redfish includes those fish that range from 20 to 28 inches and in State residents are allowed to retain one oversized fish aka “bull Reds”. Let us introduce you to salt water fishing for the toughest fighter in inshore waters. San Antonio Bay Trout are commonly caught along with these fish as they frequent the same structure at times.

Airboat Redfishing is a unique look at fishing. Accessing waters that are just impassible by any other means benefits our clients greatly. We are able to slip heavy pressure areas and get where the fish want to be, away from people! I've seen amazing fishing using an airboat, but nothing may top the Spring of 2008. At times we were besieged by schools of Redfish and the action was so frantic at times that I had to throw the circuit breaker and call "time-out"!  These trips are perfect for the entire family, my mother is 73 and loves fishing on the airboat and so do my kids. They started fishing on an airboat at 7 years of age. Plan on catching lots of Redfish and doing a little catch and release while we're there.

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Texas Airboat Redfishing

Sit down, shut up & hang on!

Texas saltwater fishing guides utilize a number of approaches including wade fishing, boat fishing with bait, airboat fishing, saltwater fly fishing, and drift fishing. Many Texas Bass fishing enthusiasts find stalking this quarry to be an awesome change of pace from the inland lake crowd. Texas Redfish commonly travel in schools. Sight fishing approaches include watching for tails in skinny water using my airboat. Redfish lodge themselves in shallow waters of less than a foot deep during warmer periods and love to feed with their heads down nudging and sifting the bottom with their somewhat pointed nose. In this posture, seeing their tails looks like small peach colored butterflies on the surface of the water. At times, when the fish are shallow, they will expose their back which is referred to as backing fish. You want to talk about buck fever, making the perfect cast while fly fishing and lure fishing at these targets can leave you shaken, not stirred! As a fishing guide, I’ve tackled these fish throughout my career and they are a blast to catch.

You can easily read about these fish as Texas saltwater fishing reports abound on numerous web pages along the gulf coast states. I publish numerous articles a month detailing our experiences and tactics along with lure selections and approaches.

Things to Bring

Castaway Lodge Guides

Boat Fishing

We ask our clients to bring an ice chest with drinks and snacks (personalized items that we cannot anticipate). If you have a favorite rod and reel, feel free to bring it. We provide all necessary tackle.

Flounder Gigging

We call it "walking" others call it "wade gigging", regardless, gigging is absolutely lethal on foot.  Our guides will be right by your side as they show you how to work hard bottom shorelines in less than knee deep water using our custom LED gigs.  This is a really neat trip and we recommend bringing some wading booties or old tennis shoes for the trip, "nothing to it, just do it" so come have some fun!

Wading Artificials with our Team

We look forward to sharing our knowledge of a given area while teaching the skills needed for a successful wade fishing trip dedicated to deceiving fish with artificial baits. Tips and tactics  include day to day reads on presentation; cadence; color selection and water reads; and, the retrieves that will produce results in your home waters. For us, that's what guiding is all about, the ability to teach others about our passion and doing what we love.  From watching customers fight their personal best to understanding the presentation technique for that day are a large part of the experience.  Anglers dedicated to fishing with artificial lures know it’s not always about filling the fish box, but about passing on the skills to do so while making memories of a lifetime.

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