Gould's Turkey Hunting Mexico

Welcome to Goulds Turkey Hunting Mexico, home of the magnificent Gould’s Turkey. Gould’s Turkey hunting Mexico is a truly magnificent experience in the softwoods of The Sierra Madre mountains near Chihuahua and Cuauhtémoc in Chihuahua State. While small numbers of the birds exist in Arizona, there isn’t a feasible population for practical access or financial feasibility. Chihuahua is the premiere Gould’s Turkey hunting destination in Mexico.

Mexico Turkey Hunting
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Mexico Turkey Hunting

Royal Slam, Mexican Hold’em

While Texas Hold’em is a popular International Poker game, Mexican Hold’em is a game played over rugged ravines, draws, and wooded valley’s of the Sierra Madres. The ante is hiring a reputable, well established member of Mexican aristocracy as a guide for security and carte-blanche access to vast un-pressured hunting areas. The bet is to camouflage up, settle in with some patience, and calling. The payoff is another card on the way to a Royal Slam of Mexican Hold’em, your Trophy Gould’s Turkey. The Royal Slam of Turkey Hunting also includes the Merriam’s, Eastern, Osceola, and Rio Grand.

Magnificent & Majestic

Gould’s are the most weighty when it comes to size differences among the subspecies. Weighing in at 25 to 30+ pounds, there is an intimidating feeling as they approach the decoys. Turkey fever can only describe the sensation of blurred vision, shortness of breath, shaking, and nerves galore which are all part of experiences shared by our clients. They are a majestic white-tipped subspecies considered by many to be “the most beautiful of all Wild Turkeys”. Merriam’s are very similar, but the Gould’s snow tipped tail and rump feathers are more distinguishable. Beards a foot long are not uncommon, however their spurs are typically worn by the rugged terrain of their environs.

Mexico Turkey Hunting
Mexico Turkey Hunting

The Hunt

The Perez family of Cuauhtémoc has been professionally handling my clients in Mexico for four years now. Their professionalism and ability to overcome “everything Mexican” about hunting in Mexico never ceases to amaze me. While they have a magnificent full-service lodge outside Cuauhtémoc, they typically lodge in hotels in the City to be closer to the birds for better logistics and ranging. Elevation in the valley’s around Cuauhtémoc are roughly 7,000’. The environs the birds frequent may exceed this, thus, decent physical conditioning is suggested. Temperatures range from cool mornings to seemingly hot mid-day and afternoons. A variety of clothing is desired along with layering options in Piney woods or Realtree camo. Our opportunity success ratio is 100%.

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Airport Logistics

The same as Mexico duck hunting, fly into Chihuahua International (CUU) and we’ll pick you up. Arrival in Cuauhtémoc is roughly 90 minutes away. Guns permits are easily accessible with the make, model, and serial number of the gun you are traveling with. Permits fees are $175. Gun rental is available in 3” Chambered semi-autos, O/U’s, or Pumps. A taxidermist will cape your trophy. For transportation back to the USA, you must have the name and address of an approved USDA taxidermist on the States side for shipping purposes. The Turkey Season runs from mid-April into late May with peak Strut occurring through early to mid-May. Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

Mexico Turkey Hunting

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