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Texas Alligator Hunting

Welcome to Texas Alligator hunting, Texas Lizards on the Gulf Coast! Coastal Waterfowl has become the destination for September excitement. Texas Allligator hunting is a combination of spot and stalk, baiting, and running lines. We pride ourselves on a 100% success ratio in harvesting these prehistoric creatures. Population control has become an essential management tool for the promotion of a healthy Texas Alligator population and resource where man meets nature. Co-existence depends upon the responsible and ethical hunting practices of seasoned professionals.


Texas Gator Hunt

Texas Alligator HuntingAlligators are priced by the foot in Texas and that's what the market commands. We begin each booking by interviewing the client concerning the length of the Gator being sought after. This helps us tailor baiting and stalking practices for the best and most successful hunting experience. Sometimes, Alligator hunting in Texas can get tough and this is where the tough get going. We are constantly stalking and scouting Gators during September to keep track of movement during periods of flooding or abnormally high water. We've got the local water body knowledge to stay on top them and we have the experience, manpower, and equipment to get into the tightest places they can crawl into. Check out our article "Hunt Wild Texas Gators" appearing in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Airboating Magazine


September Options, Gator, Teal, Dove & Fishing!

Texas Alligator Hunting GuidesSeptember is a great month for "multiple" combinations afield. Along with Alligator Hunting, take in an afternoon of fishing on the bays for Speckled Trout & Redfish. For about a week in September, there is a window of time we call the "Iron Man". With Early Teal Season & Dove Season open, it is possible to hunt Teal in the morning; harvest an Alligator mid-morning; fish a half-day guided trip; and, finish the day off with smoking hot wing shooting for Dove. This is known as "The Iron Man - Quad"! Mr. Craig Golden with Texas Air Systems in Dallas was our very first guest to pull full limits while on an "Iron Man - Quad" during September, 2011. Craig shot his limit of Teal along with his other guests; went straight after their alligators and harvested 8' lizards; hit the water and managed a full limit of Redfish; and, then managed to shoot his limit of Dove in the afternoon! What a great day afield and this is exactly the sporting opportunities available during the month of September, come join us. Contact us for pricing and logistics on this Texas Coastal trip of a lifetime!

Seadrift Bay Fishing and Hunting Guide and Lodge 

Texas Alligator Hunting Season Dates

Seadrift Bay Fishing and Hunting Guide and LodgeAlligator Season always starts on September 10th here in Texas and ends on September 30th. Permits issued by area waterfront landowners are required for harvesting Alligators during this season. As there are a limited number of permits, we book up during this time. Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule your trip dates and current pricing.

Seadrift Bay Fishing and Hunting Guide and Lodge
Seadrift Bay Fishing and Hunting Guide and Lodge
Seadrift Bay Fishing and Hunting Guide and Lodge
Seadrift Bay Fishing and Hunting Guide and Lodge
Seadrift Bay Fishing and Hunting Guide and Lodge

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I can't thank you enough for all you do and the past two Spring Breaks have been a blast! We can't wait to get back out on the water again. Thank you for making our mother/son fishing trip so special.

You're the Best!

Katy, TX

Miss Wendi & Capt. Kris,

Man what a day! The only problem was it was over too fast. Thank you both for your kindness and all your help. All the time I spend with sons is great but to spend it with good people also, makes it priceless. Have a great day!

Johnny & JD
Houston, TX

Kris, Wanted to share with everyone the great memories you provided. It was a mom and daughter weekend to remember. Thank you for all the fun, great food, experience and most of all your amazing patience. I don't know how you drew the short straw to have two women, but you gave us an amazing expe

Lori & Jean
Alvin, TX
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